Save the ISS with Space Robots

!!! Emergency Alert Activated !!!

A meteor shower entered the orbit of the International Space Station (ISS) 400 km above the ground. One of the meteors hit the ISS, and a part of an ISS module was damaged causing an air leak. The damaged section turned out to be the Japanese experimental module Kibo. We need to identify the damaged area and repair it using Astrobee; the lower air pressure and debris are preventing astronauts from entering to make repairs. In order to identify the damaged place precisely, we must search in Kibo module and find the leak point by collecting information using Astrobee with the support of Int-Ball, the camera robot. Then we need to weld it closed with a laser. Without repair, the damage will spread. Time is limited! When air leaks from a meteor puncture, the scattered debris scratches the walls and floors. Analyze each scratch and determine whether it was pre-existing or caused by the puncture. Un- til the hole is identified, we must continue our search so processing of the images from Astro- bee‘s camera is indispensable. At the beginning of the exercise, the hole is small enough to be fixed with Astrobee’s laser based on the rate at which the air pressure is dropping. However, if the Astrobee‘s laser targets the wrong spot, it may enlarge the hole. Accuracy in finding the hole pointed to the scratches and positioning the laser pointer are the keys to stopping the air leak. Currently, astronauts are in the process of evacuation and flight controllers on the ground are busy providing support. We want to leave Astrobee’s con- trol to each team to save Kibo! *This story is fiction.

Game Rule

1. Move Astrobee from the start position to P3 using QR codes at P1-1 to P2-3 in the absolute coordinate system.

2. Move Astrobee to P3 based on information obtained at P1-1 to P2-3, and you will be able to find the “Target Point” that represents the air leak point with Astrobee’s camera. Approach Astrobee the target from P3 and stop it at the appropriate distance from the target point using the target’s AR tag.

3. Use an image processing algorithm to illuminate the center of the target point with Astrobee’s laser pointer. It will be necessary to allow for the offset between Astrobee’s camera and the laser pointer.