ST-Mission OZ


Mission OZ Challenge

Attention! Calling all Space Enthusiasts age 12 and up (middle and high school students)!!

To celebrate World Space Week, Space Teams and the One Giant Leap Australia Foundation are proud to announce ‘Mission OZ!’ This six-day virtual space mission will provide teams with lessons focused on the technical knowledge and theoretical understanding that is required to make decisions, plan and conduct a successful space mission.

As part of a mission team, students will literally design spacecraft, navigate to another planet, land their vehicle, build a planetary habitat, and explore a new planet to find resources in order to sustain human life. Students will learn from subject matter experts including astronauts, scientists and engineers who are directly involved in ongoing missions as they compete with other teams for the best mission design.

Lessons on topics ranging from planetary science to spacecraft systems, orbital mechanics to robotic exploration, bring all aspects of space exploration to an understandable level for young students, who learn by doing and creating with these concepts themselves. The outcome of this program is to inspire young explorers to pursue STEM subjects in school and ultimately enable them to join the international community of scientists and engineers working on the space frontier.

Space Teams is a 6-day program (4 hours/day) and is open to Explorers ages 12 and up. The ideal team size is 2-4 students, although more could be on the same team. Explorers can register and select their own teams, or be placed on a team automatically.

Team registration is underway and open until September 23rd, 2022.

Individual registration is $295 USD or $500 AUD.

Schools, clubs and other organizations can also register students as a group.

The cost for this program is $295 USD per students, however THE FIRST 24 QUALIFIED STUDENTS WILL RECEIVE A FULL SCHOLARSHIP SPONSORED BY STEMX - 365 and TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS AMAZING PROGRAM!Subsequent students will receive a 50% discount from STEMX - 365!

Quote from a Teacher

"This experience was definitely one of the best!!!! The cooperation across and within the teams was dynamic and priceless. The vocabulary they gained and expressed was so incredible. Thank you very much for organizing this awesome competition! It was well worth it and I am sure this is an experience that our students will share for the rest of their lives... Keep spreading the challenge. We need to expose our Artemis Generation with this degree of knowledge to be prepared for the upcoming future. To infinity and beyond..."

Quote from a Student

"The overall experience of the challenge was amazing and the knowledge gained will be very useful for my future learning. It gave me insight into potential careers in the space industry and I am now thinking I could study either astrophysics or aeronautical engineering with the possibility of working for the Australian Space Agency or even NASA."