Game Story and Rules

Save the ISS with Space Robots

!!! Emergency Alert Activated !!!

In 2020, talented programmers from Asia repaired an air leak aboard the ISS. Due to minimal resource availability, only emergency measures could be taken.

Unfortunately, at the start of 2021, the emergency alert was once again activated because there is another air leak!

The location of the leak has been identified by astronauts aboard the ISS. The team challenge this year is to do a complete repair of the air leak and report successful competition of the mission to the astronauts!

Game Rule

1) Move Astrobee and read the AR tags and the QR code

2) Analyze the position/orientation of the target from information obtained from the QR code.

3) Adjust Astrobee's position/orientation and illuminate the center of the target with Astrobee\'s laser.

4) Finally, report completion of the mission to a crew member. Your score is calculated from the accuracy of laser pointing and the elapsed time.