Charles Oestreich

MS Student, Aero Astro Department, MIT

Charles Oestreich is currently a graduate student at the MIT Space Systems Laboratory and a Draper Fellow. His research focuses on guidance, navigation, and control (GNC), space robotics, and artificial intelligence. He is also an ENS in the US Navy and will be joining the submarine force upon completion of his Master's degree....

Keenan Albee

Engineer at NASA JPL

Keenan Albee is working on interesting problems at the intersection of hardware and algorithms, particularly in the space domain. His work focuses on robotic motion planning and optimal control for complex dynamical systems applied to space robotics.

Bryce Doerr

Postdoc, Aero Astro Department, MIT

Bryce Doerr is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow. His research work includes 1) Investigation in Path Planning & Trajectory Optimization for Additive Manufacturing and On-Orbit Robotic Assembly. 2) Development and testing of guidance and control algorithms on the Astrobee Free-Flying Robotic testbed

Raymond Tran

Student, EECS, MIT

Raymond Tran is a Sophomore at MIT majoring in electrical engineering and computer science. He is involved with MIT NASA Astrobee project. Currently, he is working as a Lab Assistant for MIT 6.00 Introduction to CS and Programming using Python

Maro Melendrez Contreras

Graduate Student, Aero Astro Department, MIT

Mario Melendrez Contreras is an Aeronautics and Astronautics graduate student at the MIT. He graduated from MIT with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He is interested in working in the fields of spacecraft engineering, mechanisms, robotics, and almost anything to do with space. He enjoys working on hands-on problems that have high impact on the industry.


Kazi Hasib

Student, North South University(NSU)

Hashibul Islam

Software Engineer at Daraz Bangladesh Ltd-Alibaba Group

Razin Bin Issa

Graduate Research Assistant at Utah Water Research University

Sudipto Mondal

Student, Rajshahi University Engineering and Technology(RUET)

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